Harmon Brewing Co.



We are led by our brewers, Lead Brewer Jason Forgey & Brewery Assistant Shelby Bible.  Each brewer brings with them a unique perspective on the art of making beer.
With them striving to produce better quality beers, their work never stops.  Their goal is to be better and to take pride in what they produce.
Below are some of our beers that we are pleased to feature for you.


Harmon Flagship Beers

Mt. Takhoma Blonde
4.7% ABV - 18 IBU
Flavor Profile: Light, Wheat, Clean
A light bodied, crisp and refreshing beer. This was produced with German Pilsner malt with a touch of wheat. It was then balanced by Liberty and Mandarina Bavaria hops. Served with a slice of orange, this beer finishes just a bit fruity and clean.

Pinnacle Peak Pale Ale
4.4% ABV - 20 IBU
Flavor Profile: Dry, Sweet, Hoppy
One of our original flagship brews, this was brewed to be our ‘introduction to micros’ for our customers. It is brewed with a 2-row malted barley and a special German malted barley. We finish it off with Palisade and Citra hops are used to provide the balanced palate.

Expedition Amber                                                                                             Medal Winner
5.5% ABV - 40 IBU
Flavor Profile: NW Style, Malty, Smooth
Our Northwest style Amber ale is brewed with 7 different varieties of malt, producing a rich flavor and amber hue. Hopped with Centennial and Fuggle; the result is a bold and smooth finish.

Point Defiance IPA                                                                                            Medal Winner
6.8% ABV - 70 IBU Flavor
Profile: Bright, Bitter, Hoppy
A true to style IPA with Columbus and Centennial hops for bitterness and flavor. Amarillo hops are then dry hopped. This beer covers the palate and gives a taste of how a true IPA should taste.

Puget Sound Porter                                                                                         GABF Gold Medal Winner
5.4% ABV - 40 IBU
Flavor Profile: Coffee, Chocolate, Roasted
A beautiful brown porter brewed with eight different malts to produce a smooth, well balanced, dark beer. With a specially roasted barley that provides a hint of chocolate and coffee notes.